While many are still mourning the sudden death of veteran music producer and singer, OJB  Jezreel, one of his wives, Korede Okungbowa, is still in silent pain about her husband’s death and this has made her wondered why he couldn’t wait age with grey hairs.

 Korede while recalling memories of her late husband she said that when she first met him, he was so cute as she even went on to describe him as her Jigga, who has gone to rest with the Lord.

Staring at their picture of how they started their love life, Korede noted that nothing gives her more joy than looking at the two kids she had for OJB and she sees the brilliance of their father in them.

According to her, “When I first met my husband, he was so cute and beautiful. Death where is thy face. Shame on you, God took the Glory on this one. Thank you my love for everything you taught me, for the love you gave and for my 2 beautiful kids. Baby they are just amazing like their Dad very brilliant and caring, I remember this picture and I smile, am so proud of who you were and just very grateful to God for given you a second chance to be closer to him and to let the world see that only God can give and take, my beautiful jigga may God rest your soul Tunde, your memories lives on in our heart.”