God must have created star actress, Uche Elendu on a Monday morning, after a well deserved rest. The Good Lord surely took His time in her creation and specially endowed her with beauty and talent. SAMUEL OLATUNJI spoke with the heavily pregnant Uche on marriage, acting and what her man does behind closed door to put her on.

Has acting been worth your while?
Yeah, acting has been worth my while. It’s been very good to me because I’ve really not had some bad experiences. It’s my profession, my job and I’m enjoying it and I’m not complaining. It is not how far, but how well. I can say I’m lucky that I became a household name as soon as I came in, but I believe it’s been God.

How many jobs do you do on monthly basis?
For some months I could do like four or five jobs, while, I could stay a whole month without a job. It just depends on the market and the kind of job that are in the making. This year, I’ve not done a whole lot of jobs because for about seven months now, I’ve been on break. I got married and I just had to take some time off for the family.

Did your husband impose compulsory holiday on you?
My husband will never do such a thing because he loves my job. It’s just that I had to give myself a compulsory break. It is not that my husband put it on me, but anybody in my shoes will just have to go for it.

Is it because you are pregnant?
I don’t know. How did you know? I am not saying anything.

Why did you get married this early when some of your mates are still in town enjoying themselves?
I did not get married early. I got married the time God wanted me to get married. What is there to enjoy? I’ve seen everything, I’ve had fun in life. But it is every woman’s dream to settle down. I think the earlier one settles down, the better.

Does the pleasure of the fun you had before marriage outweigh the joy of marriage?
I don’t think so. Marriage is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Achieving almost everything that you had to achieve in life without marriage makes you feel incomplete.

Don’t you think marriage makes you obligated to somebody? For instance your husband might say it is time for action when you are tired.
Marriage is about understanding each other. If my husband says it is time to have fun and I’m very tired, he has to understand that I’m not in the mood. But if he can put me in the mood, then why not? That is what makes us husband and wife.

So your husband sometimes put you in the mood?
Yeah, why not?

What about the men who don’t take no for an answer?
There is a difference between no and telling your husband to chill till the next day, telling him you will give him just the way he likes it the next day.

Why did you have to get married to somebody outside town?
My husband is a Nigerian but he works abroad. And it’s all about finding the man whom your heart clicks with. If I had found love in Nigeria I would have married someone around.

Does it mean you did not find love in all the guys you have dated in Nigeria?
Funny enough, I’ve not really dated any guy with the intention of settling down with him in Nigeria.

Could that be because you are born again?
Well, I’m born again but that’s far from the reason. I’m a very focused person and I do one things at a time. It’s not that I’ve not had relationships. I’ve had friends; I’ve had relationships, but not very serious ones. It is either most people couldn’t stand my job or most people couldn’t stand my mood or they just can’t stand me.

How many frogs did you kiss before you found your Prince Charming?
I can’t say precisely really, but I don’t remember kissing long and I think that would have happened long time ago.

Where did you meet your husband and where is he based?
I met my husband in Owerri, Nigeria. He shuttles between the UK and the United Arab Emirates. He is a businessman; he’s into real estate, consulting and a whole lot.

Are you not leaving your husband to the wolves over there while you are here?
I’m here because I want to be here and not because he wants me to be here. There has to be trust in marriage. There is no love without trust. I trust him because I choose to trust him.

When you are in the mood and your husband is not around what do you do?
I don’t really get in the mood when he’s not around except when we talk on phone, maybe at night and we say some deep things I get in the mood but I really don’t do anything. I could only cuddle my pillow or my teddy. It’s just a habit I’ve been used to.

Tell me about yourself
My first job was ‘Fear of the Unknown’ and from there, I went to Imo state University to study History and International Relations. When I graduated in 2004, I came into the movie industry full time. Since then, I’ve not really counted the number of movies I’ve done but I know its well over 50.

What is your most challenging movie?
I’ve not done my most challenging job yet. All the jobs I’ve done are really very challenging, but I really like Consequence, Village Girl and some others but my most challenging I have not done yet.

When is your expected delivery date?
When my baby arrives, I will call you to tell you.

Did you marry your husband for money or for love?
I married my husband for love. I wouldn’t have married my husband for money because I have seen money long before I met him. If I wanted to marry for money I would have married at the age of 12 or 16. You see, a lot of old men seeking the hands of young girls in marriage. I couldn’t marry any one of them because they were not meant for me.

What makes you think that man is your husband?
Because I’ve seen in him all the qualities I’ve ever wanted in a man and I love him. So what else is marriage all about?

Someone once said in marriage you are either playing a fool or you are a fool
You don’t have to be a fool to survive in marriage, but you play the fool. In an intense atmosphere, its either he plays the fool or I play it.

Before marriage, you used to look hot and sexy, do you still dress hot these days?
Why not? I wear whatever suits me. My husband is still a very young man and he likes all those kind of clothing. He has not taken away the dressing from me because right from time, I’ve not been an irresponsible dresser. I still wear what fits me. I don’t know how to look older than my age.

Do lesbians ever bother you?

What about producers that harass actresses for sex?
I’ve always believed that sex for role is bullshit. I’ve never experienced it and I don’t think it is real because nobody will feature somebody he had sex with just because he had sex with the person. The producer gives you a role in the movie and you have to be able to interpret the role because it’s not only the producers that are involved, we have the director and others. If you bring somebody just on the platform of sex and the person can’t deliver, the director will complain. If the director is not complaining, the senior artist will complain. So there is nothing like sex for role. Most people just use it as an excuse for not getting to where they should get to, that is my own opinion.

How soon do we get to see you back on location?
My films are out in the market. There are many films I’ve done that are not out yet.

Who has been your favourite actor?
I’ve always admired Eucharia Anunobi

Who is your favourite actor?
Nonso Diobi

Who is your favourite director?
All the directors I’ve worked with.

Don’t you think motherhood will slow down your growth in the industry?
Motherhood cannot do that. If motherhood can change me, then it can steal my goods, but if it cannot change me then it cannot steal my goods.

Is it true that you were one of the hottest babes in Imo State University?
You can say that again. Well I won’t call myself a hot babe, but I knew I had my own fun and that is all I can say. Of course, I went clubbing once in a while, partying. I had fun generally.

Tell me about your dreams for tomorrow?
I would like people to see for themselves, I won’t like to talk much, but I’ll like to go on in my acting carrier and my music carrier.

Which job gave you the break?
Well, I think Nothing for Nothing gave me the break.

How does your husband put you in the mood?
By doing the right thing, that’s the secret between me and him.

How does a man put a woman in the mood?
Everybody has different things that makes them so excited and makes them so horny. So, when you know your wife’s own, you capitalize on it and get the desired results. Some people like to joke; some people like to be beaten, different things.

So your husband is a super stud?
No, my husband is my super stud.

Which would you say is more pleasurable: the fun you had before marriage and the one you had after marriage?
The fun in marriage is more pleasurable because you are more relaxed and settled and I know I’m having the fun I’m supposed to have.

Were you not supposed to have those pleasures you had when you were still single?
There are some funs you have that you are not supposed to have. Because you are searching, you do a lot of things and you make mistakes you are not supposed to make, do some things you are not supposed to do. It’s natural.

Do you regret any of those things?
Whatever I do, I don’t regret. Even if they are mistakes, I don’t regret them. There are many things I did because I had to do them and because it was the trend at that age.

How old were you when you got married?
I was married when I was old enough to get married.