GOOD day doctor.

My name is Aisha. I am 28 years old.

My period is not regular, it comes 20-22 days after the last one. I am a virgin who will soon be getting married.

I don’t know when I am safe, as I will love to wait for a year before having kids. How do I calculate my safe period?
Aisha (by E-mail)

Irrespective of your menstrual period, your safe period is the first ten days from the beginning of your menstrual period while the next ten days to this is when you can get pregnant and the last ten days is another safe period.

In effect, you have about 20 days of safe period and 10 days when you are not safe in a 30 day calendar month.

In addition to your safe period, you may consider the use of some oral contraceptives in order to effect your desire to wait for some time before having children.