Sincerely, the way and manner our so called stars respond and react to simple questions thrown at them could be so annoying, amateurish and grossly unprofessional.

Most of these stars that are media creations are usually the first to accuse entertainment journalists of writing false and unconfirmed stories about their private lives. Meanwhile, they are quick to bungle their chances, whenever you reach out to them for clarifications, which will further help to balance the ‘usual’ unconfirmed stories about them.
A good example is the on-going Genevieve Nnaji and D’banj’s love story.

The Koko Master a couple of weeks ago granted an interview to a respected soft sell magazine and openly declared that he is currently enjoying a sizzling romance with Miss Nnaji. In fact, love struck D’banj said they are madly in love with each other and that he decided to make it public because he was tired of playing hide and seek with Genevieve, his Juliet. In his words: “Genevieve is more than my girlfriend, she is my baby… Right now, Genevieve is the only woman in my life…We want to be together and we don’t want to hide it anymore…”

The following week a very senior female editor from the same magazine went after Genevieve, to ascertain her side of the story. And surprisingly, the dodgy actress neither confirmed nor denied the story. Instead of a simple yes or no, Genevieve kept playing the artful dodger, thus cheapening her status and embarrassing D’banj, who had earlier told the world they are hot as an item. What an insult to the Koko Master turned lover boy. Hear Genevieve’s response on the public interview D’banj granted over their love story: “I can only say that I would like to keep my private life private and I really don’t have anything to say… D’banj is an adult and he has said something… let’s just leave it at that…”

Till date, observers are yet to fathom what Genevieve was trying to avoid or achieve by refusing to say a simple yes or no, to a harmless question. By dodging the question, she has further created rooms for more speculations and insinuations in the minds of her fans and even the media. Most of the so-called stars in Nollywood claim to follow Hollywood trends, but end up disgracing and rubbishing those they are supposed to be emulating.

In Hollywood standards, serious and professional stars, always come out bold to either accept or deny speculative or unconfirmed stories, especially those bordering on their private lives. This is one of the qualities of a star that people look up to as a role model. Most stars over there do it themselves or through their publicists, thus helping to clear the air over innuendos or imaginary tales being bandied around, especially in the media. Who knows, maybe, with the above quote from Genevieve, she does not want to be associated with D’banj or even seen hanging out with him publicly. Poor D’banj.

Her dazed fans still can’t fathom why she is not proud of admitting publicly that they are dating, despite the way and manner D’banj wholeheartedly told the whole world about their love story. Genevieve, please stop disgracing and downgrading D’banj and quickly accept or deny whether the two of you are dating or not. Act like a true Nollywood star now and stop posing (forming).