Comedian Owen gee doesn’t think getting a white collar job is a bad idea. At 40, he has done so much for himself, especially his talk show, Buzz Live with Owen Gee. He said that going for a white collar job maybe the best thing that may happen to him but, he is stuck as a comedian.

He said “People do not know that entertainers are professionals on their own. For one to be able to sit down and write three verses of a song, and it becomes a global hit is not an easy task. It is the same thing with having to sit down and put these jokes together for sitcoms, skits, stage plays, talk shows, concepts and writing scripts for movies; people do not know that it is a very huge task.

He explained “The white collar job is easier, because it is a monotonous way of doing things. We do the same thing repeatedly all the time. I won’t mind doing it. But if I want to, I would like to hold a political position. We have had a lot of people who haven’t been delivering well where governance is concerned. I would like to work in or with government. I won’t want to contest for any position. I would just love to go in and contribute my own quota. I don’t want it to be a permanent position.

But, really, a job is a job; whether white collar or not. As long as it can take care of your needs, putting in work as a labourer and getting paid wages is what is important.”