Whitemoney: Nigerians will regret not supporting my music career

Nigerian singer, Whitemoney, has vowed that Nigerians will later regret not supporting his music career when gets a breakthrough.

The reality star, in a recent interview, blasted Nigerians for doing the same thing to Grammy-winning singer Burna Boy.

He noted that Nigeriana now tag Burna Boy proud when he became successful and not accessible and affordable to Nigerian show promoters.

Whitemoney vowed that Nigerian show promoters would regret not supporting him once he became successful globally.

He said, “Nigerian promoters did the same thing they are doing to me to Burna Boy and Davido. They don’t believe in their sounds but when the outsiders [foreigners] are appreciating you, they [Nigerians] would be forced to now believe in you and they will pay times two.

“Nigerian promoters will regret not supporting my music. Your only prayer should be that I shouldn’t make it in this music industry because if I make it, you all will pay.”

Whitemoney also boasted that he doesn’t have rival in the music industry, stressing that his style of music is unique.

“I’m a king in my lane. For me, nobody rivals my talent. You’re good in your way but me I am the king. That’s why I have my own genre. I don’t do Afrobeats or highlife. My genre is Kumkum,” he said.