Uche Jombo was slammed by some fans for not having that amazing body and Chioma Akpotha has come for those who were responsible for this insult.

She has let them know that Uche was never born as a beauty queen like Darego, the former Miss World but as Uche Jombo, an Abariba home girl who grew up in Aba before fame came knocking at her door.

In an angry and emotion text, she asked them “Who died and made you Uche’s watchman?” Then she went on to address them “…Do you know how many pregnancies she lost before #BabyMatthew came? Did you know while we were on set for #WivesonStrike Uche was over 4months gone with a baby she eventually lost? And that was not the only one.”
She continued “Do you then begin to think of the process her body has been through all these years? Do you all not want to be human or you just feel better when you put the other down? #PullThemDownSyndrome. What if @uchejombo were to be your sister, aunt or some sort of relative, would you throw these kinds of comments her way??

Let Uche be! She was never a #Darego”