www.nigeriafilms.com and its formidable team have been following up with the recent articles posted on a certain Ghanaian Blog on one of the most beautiful actresses in Africa today, Nadia Buari. It would have been very easy to lift the story and post on your Africa’s No1 online news service provide, nfc, but as usual, there are always two sides to a story.

Effort was also made by www.nigeriafilms.com to have a telephone conversation with the beautiful Ghanaian actress who is at present the face of Devon Luxury soap, one of the many brands produced by Tony Ezenwa’s Orange Drugs Limited Company, makers of Delta Soap and other beauty products in Nigeria but all to no avail.

The reason some certain authorities don’t want the face of the versatile actress appearing in movies is not far-fetched, there is resentment towards her because she is gradually rubbing shoulders with top Hollywood actors. The Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari, not too long ago, made News Headlines with her appearance at the opening gala of the 19th Annual Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, California USA. Is there something we do not know? One can not possibly be disliked for no reason. Not convinced by the article that was posted by the Ghana website; we decided to carry out our investigation.

A journalist based in Ghana who pleaded anonymity hinted www.Nigeriafilms.com that the actress was always very difficult to reach for interviews. The perception of the actress in Ghana is that she is inaccessible and very secretive.

He also recounted an instance when he had contacted the actress, Nadia to clarify on the rumoured break-up between herself and the Chelsea striker, Michael Essien. When asked, according to him, she responded that she was on movie set and it was not conducive for her to speak at the time. Upset by the response he got, he went to Press and had to write whatever he wanted.

“Sometime last year, I heard that she flew a fan to the United States of America for Brain surgery and the Child is back in Ghana now but, why will I want to write such a thing if I call her and she is too busy to talk to me? Even this matter with the website you are talking about; I am aware. The boy behind the blog is like a friend to Jackie. You know that Jackie and Nadia are not in good terms so, what do you expect? (Laughter) I was told she hired an American based Publicist. Does it mean none of us here in Ghana can do the same job for her? I heard that this American lady issued an ultimatum for them to correct the information on the website about the rumoured affair between Nadia and the Congo musician, Fally Ipupa also, Dede Ayew who is a footballer. I don’t know if he did the retraction but I know the matter went to the managers of the website and they deleted the articles. That is all I know. “Nobody knows anything about her personal life. When you are a public figure, your personal life becomes the business of your fans.” The source exclusively said too us.

With this new information, we went ahead to track down the Publicist, it turned out that the Publicist is not an American as reported by the source but a Nigerian who has spent a better part of her life in the States. Based on her friendly disposition, we decided to seize the opportunity to proceed with an interview to clarify the wide ranges of issues surrounding the sultry actress cum model, Nadia Buari, Fally Ipupa and Dede Ayew that actually sparked this enmity. She asked us to send an e-mail as she was driving and could not talk for long on the phone. The full details we received will be published very soon on this website.

Meanwhile, celebrities are known to be very busy but these days, it has become clearer that they need to start paying attention to the way they communicate across to the Media. Every celebrity should have a Media contact. That is how it is done in Hollywood. Some of these celebrities are too hungry for money that they neglect the importance of their image in the Media. It’s just a piece of advice.