Controversial rapper, Eva Alordiah is an artiste that has grown over the years musically.

Even though many feel her career has suddenly taking a slow turn, almost reaching the rock bottom, she is still striving hard to maintain a spot for herself.

The singer who once threw a publicity stunt weeks back about quitting music is known for her controversies which she often use to talked about when people seems to be forgetting her name.

In a recent post, she spoke about things that seems like she was shading someone, but trying to avoid mentioning who it is.

In her words: “I have decided that I now live in a planet where everyone gets paid for their hard work. I don’t know what planet all these other people come from. 

If you respect yourself enough you wouldn’t call anyone to come do you a job for free. I have run myself in debt countless times trying to take care of everyone on my team from my own pocket with holes. Moving on, Biko respect yourself. And stop creating Music shows if you cannot pay for the music. Pay something oga. Even if it’s our transport fare. What are you going to pay?”

Although she is not mentioning names, but it’s not the first time we have heard of show organizers defaulting when it comes to paying artistes for a show.