There is no doubt that Nollywood diva Rita Nwaturuocha Dominic is a stunning-looking babe with an A-list rating status as an actress.

With a flawless light skinned complexion, her lips, however, tell another story. Rub off that red lipstick and what do you find? Really, really black lips. We hear beautiful damsel is in love with cancer sticks. gathered that the screen goddess’ undying love for cancer sticks, is gradually changing her look, and if she doesn’t slow down, may affect her stunning look.

Rita, who had hitherto denied the dangerous habit, recently came out boldly to tell whoever cares that it is nobody’s business, even if she is in love with the destructively addictive tobacco sticks.

She emphatically stated that those spreading the information that she is a cigarette smoker are idle people, who do not have anything important to do.

Tale bearers are even implying that the Nollywood babe may also be Mary Jane’s friend, a habit she was said to be deeply engrossed in.

However, despite all these bad habits, it seems advertisers are cool with the bad girl image of Rita as she has gleaned top range endorsements from Globacom and Nokia

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