This is why some Nigerians prefers to be pagans as many of them would tell you that they rather don’t go to church than attend a church that makes use of church funds for their own interest.

There are so many churches in Nigeria and not many as we know are genuine and this has made quite a number of people to be very skeptical.

Omega fire ministries (OFM) Pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleiman has being making headlines as he keeps carrying out some humanitarian works.

The man of God have being dashing out money, cars and properties to those he feels should benefit from his good deed.

The only thing beating our imaginations is the fact he has being favoring some Nollywood actors with car gifts and cash which is making people ask questions why has his generosity not gone to other arrears of the industry as it has only being Nollywood actors for a while now.

Questions are also being raised about the source of the Apostle’s wealth, because People are asking whose money has he being lavishing on these celebrities.

Could the money he is spending be the church funds gathered by his congregation? This are heavy questions lingering in the heart of many.

Recently he gifted Nollywood actor Emma Blaq the sum of 1.6 million naira and a Peugeot 206 convertible car.

What do you think?