Many of his fans regard him as a ‘playboy’ knowing some of the roles he has played in the movies and soap operas. And those that followed his antics in ‘Spider’ and ‘Madam Dear-est’ will tend to match his roles with his real-life personality.But we can reveal that in real life, veteran actor, Akin Lewis, has a completely different personality from his on-screen roles.

In fact, it was learnt that those things which he might have been involved in his younger days are far from his mind right now.Well, recently, when asked if he dabbles into extra-marital affairs, Mr. Lewis said at the moment he cannot be involved in extra-marital affairs because he has a young and gorgeous woman for a wife.

And guess what, the popular actor, who has three children from his first marriage, has also hinted that only older people who want to kill themselves will still be en-gaged in things (like extra-marital affairs) that they partook in as young people.His words: “You can’t do those things you did then now, only if you want to kill yourself.

I am married to a beautiful, young woman. So, what else do I want?” Of course, without say-ing much, the talented entertainer did confess that he fully rocked the town in his younger days.

However, one revelation that may shock Akin Lewis’ fans is that years ago, his first wife walked out of their marriage without giving him a clue as to why she left. But the actor has since got himself together, moved on with his life and married again.

Besides, he is doing great things in his career.

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