Controversial actress, Caroline Danjuma, who made a dramatic return to acting after about 10 years, has disclosed that it wasn’t easy for her finding her rhythm back in the industry.

According to her in an interview with Channels TV, the actress who was part of the cast and crew of just premiered movie, ‘Stalker,’ stated that part of the things which affected her comeback was the fact that she had just put to bed and playing a lead role would have jeopardized the movie.

She also pointed out that she was also shy to face the camera because of her body size but she was still able to scale through with the help of other cast who showed her support.

In her words, “It wasn’t easy, It has been like a decade that I did my last movie. It was very scary. Initially, my director had told me to play the lead role, and I said “no.” First of all I just had a baby, I felt I had not shed that weight yet. I was shy, I was panicking, I read my script over and over again. I said “you know what?  No. I would rather you give it to someone better than myself, because this is my comeback. I want to be comfortable.”