Have you ever wondered why a lot of celebrities die of kidney problem? Anyway you do not need to crack your brain on that because controversial actress , Cossy Orjiakor has stated six reasons why it is so.

1.    They have limited timeur time is limited U may be forced to sit through a movie set because the director calls the shots and won’t know how pressed you are. Solution… Just excuse yourself go and urinate or get kidney infection through the reflux of urine

2.     Not drinking water. Hehhehehe. Its cute to have my bottle water.. I drink and always take mine around

3.    Salty food. If the welfare is salty. Its either you eat it and increase your chances of kidney damage or demand another alternative. Continue…

4.    Drinking too much caffeine. I do this every morning and will still do it this morning. I pray my kidney understands

5.    Eating too much meat…I did this a lot in my ignorance ..now I know better, hmmm Protein digestion produces ammonia – a toxin
that is very destructive to your kidneys

6.    Late treatment .most actors even me used to be scared going to hospitals, may be because of gossip’s and the stupid what if! Am guilty of this one thou. So scared of injections been on self medication .. I eat Garlic and sometime put it in there…and i use made in Nigeria drugs with scratch cards to treat typhoid and malaria 3x a year. Been doing this since 2003. This year I will take my health seriously. I hope you do too. Home remedies coming soon….will do this once a month.