Why entertainers struggle to find love – Ugoccie

Singer, Ugoccie, has disclosed the reason some entertainers struggle to find genuine love amongst their fans.

According to the singer in a recent interview, though some people believe that entertainers have everything they need at their beck and call, many of them actually struggle with finding love.

Ugoccie said, “It is very difficult for entertainers to find love, because people already have a perception of who an entertainer is. They think we have wild lifestyles. It is very difficult for many people to see us for who we really are.”

Reflecting on the challenges she faces at this level of her career, she said, “I don’t like to call them challenges. I believe opportunities can be found in everything that presents itself to me as a challenge. As an entertainer, one major challenge is getting money to fund projects.”

The singer also stated that her new Extended Play album titled, ‘Voice of The East’, is not only targeted at her fans in the South-East.

She said, “The EP was inspired by a lot of experiences I had in the past, and I wanted to talk about them in my usual style of storytelling. All the songs on the album have Igbo titles, because I wanted that representation for my people from the South East. However, it is not a body of work for just the Igbos. The beauty of music is in the melody and rhythms, not necessarily the language it is sung in. Many of the songs we enjoy are not even made in languages that we understand.”