Veteran actor and filmmaker, Segun Remi, better known as Chief Kanran, lost his wife to the cold hands of death six years ago.


The 65-year-old widower has spoken of his wish to remarry and the factor militating against his hope to give marriage another shot.

“I hope to remarry, but I am scared of Nigerian women. Most of those we see now are ladies that do not want to get married. All they are after is to squeeze you dry, get your money or whatever they want to get from you, and off they go. That four letter word is not in their dictionary. What they are after is what they can gain from you, nothing like love,” he told New Telegraph.

Chief Kanran celebrated his 50th years anniversary in the make-believe world two years ago. He told the paper his opinion of Nigerian fans.

“We have a bad audience in Nigeria, the way they appreciate us is negatively; in the sense that everybody believes that if you are an actor you must have money, and you must spray money at events like if you are throwing stones. If you don’t, they can break your windscreen, puncture your tire, and abuse you. But it is not like that abroad.”