Gap-tooth, award winning actress, Kehinde Bankole, needs no further introduction, the Super Story star actress has revealed in a recent interview with the Punch Newspaper that she can’t dare tamper with her body for any fashionable reasons.

When asked if she was presented with an opportunity to enhance your body, what would she go for, Kehinde who celebrated her birthday two days ago, swiftly replied.

“I would reject the offer because if I do that, something would be out of proportion in my body. Everything in my body is there to balance something and if I should adjust anything, I would look very odd. I love the way I look.

On her fashion fashion fetish; she said she can’t do without perfumes: “I love perfume and sometimes I go crazy over shoes. When it comes to perfume, I do not stick to only one brand. Once I hear that there is a new fragrance in town, I just go and get it. Most of the gifts I get are perfumes, so it does not make me stick to a particular brand. I just need to know that the fragrance is not strong. If it is nice and mild, then I would go for it.”