Come December 12, 2021, Ayomiku Alabi, the eldest daughter of the iconic gospel singer, Evangelist Tope Alabi would be staging the ‘Worship, Pray & Feast 2021 Concert’ in Lagos.

Ayomikun Alabi is an upcoming gospel music star who sings so well and has been doing that for a while, right from her tender age. The 23-year-Old beautiful singer studied music and bagged a Bachelor’s Degree from Bowen University in Iwo, Osun state. She is presently undergoing the compulsory National Youth Service Corps programme. Her brand of music can be classified as Contemporary Gospel. The highly talented singer does gospel music with style and lots of creativity. She has produced a couple of tracks; A Friend where she featured her mum and Gratitude. Both are of great significance and plus to the career of the young singer.

The concert is the maiden edition and would be held every year. But this year’s event is scheduled to hold at the Pleasant Event Centre, located on 1, Obanta Road, Off Ajao Estate in Ikeja, Lagos. With the symbolic theme “When Hearts Worship”, the event would serve as an avenue where lovers of good gospel music across the country come together to sing, worship and have a delicious feast.

The event would also create special moments for guests as they would have a wonderful time in the presence of God. Also, a large pool of gospel artists and men of God would grace the stage to celebrate with Ayomikun and her ever dynamic band, Stream of Sounds.

As December 12 draws closer, Ayomikun has done well by securing the support of sponsors and top media brands like City People Media Group and Unstoppable Media. Meanwhile, registration to participate in the event is already in progress as lovers of gospel music are urged to register online via Eventbrite or call 09058695731 for enquiries.

In an exclusive chat with City People reporters; JAMIU ABUBAKAR and DAMILOLA AKANDE, the young and talented gospel musician spoke about her music career and why she chose not to sing like her mum. Below are the excerpts from the quite refreshing interview. Relax and enjoy:

You have a music concert on the way, tell us about it?

My concert is coming up on the 12th of December, 2021 and it is called “The Worship, Pray and Feast Concert”. It’s organized with the theme: “When Hearts Worship”. This is the first time I and my band will be performing live on stage at Pleasant Event Centre. You can only be there when you register through our website I promise it is going to be a pleasant time in the presence of God. Wonderful people will be coming like Chigozie Wisdom, Folabi Nuel, a lot of these great ministers of God would be present and I want you to be a part of it.

Why are you staging the concert at this time of the year?

One day, I was on the plane and was more like feeling disappointed in myself because I felt I was not doing enough. I started writing out my goals and the concert was one of them. I thought I was going to do it that year in 2018 but I couldn’t. In March 2021, I was having a conversation with someone who thought I should have had my birthday as a praise and worship thing. I thought instead of regretting that I did not have the praise worship on my birthday, I could do a concert this December. So I decided on “Worship, Pray And Feast” this December. It was first 10th of December but was moved to 12th of December.

What do you tend to achieve with this concert?

The motive is to bring people together to worship God and thank God for what he has done. So if you cannot go for “The Experience” or other Christian shows in December, you can come for “Worship, Pray And Feast” concert.

Initially, I made it open to just young people but then I thought that older people would want to praise God so I made it open to all types of adults. The objective is to change the perception of our people about concerts. At my concert, there is feeding, prayers and praise. Prayers are the key to changing things because people are going through things and prayer is the key so it is not going to be prayer A to Z.

Tell us about your past works and response from your fans?

I have 2 singles. I did one for my mum which is “Gratitude” and the other with her and it is called “A Friend”. By the grace of God this December, I am dropping my first mini-album which is an EP.

For “A Friend” on Boom play alone, I have 1.3 million streams. The “Gratitude” has about 700 streams; so altogether 1.5 million streams on Boom play. I don’t have details from other platforms.

To those who are just getting to know you a gospel singer, they would like to know what’s your mum’s take about your venturing into music?

She did not want me to be a musician in the first place. She wanted me to be a Medical Doctor. As God will have it, that is not my calling because I cannot stand blood. Now, she is happy to see my sing; she loves it when I sing as exclaims with joy listening to my songs. I am sure she is happy and proud that she has a legacy in me.

Tell us about your new album?

It is going to be contemporary gospel music. It’s not going to be like something you have heard before but more in the secular frame. I have decided to transform what gospel music is from the idea of what people have about gospel music. It is going to be something that the young and old can relate with. My music is more for the youth and those that can relate to it. This is because I go through what young Christians go through so I can relate.

From where did you get your music inspiration?

I derive inspiration from myself. I think about everything God has done, where I am coming from and where I am at with God at the point I am writing. God inspires me a lot because I pray for inspiration and I get the lyrics written down. I may not even record it.

Who do you look up to as a role model?

I think this is a question with an obvious. My mum is my biggest role model. I look up to her. She is someone that you cannot look up to and not act or sing like she does. She is a big role model to me, I look up to her and aspire to write my music the way she does and be like her.

Are there any top musicians you would love to do collaboration with in future?

Nathaniel Bassy and Dutsi Oyekan, I think those are the people I would love to have collaborations with.

Of course, your mother is a great personality on stage, what kind of person is she at home?

I don’t call her mum; she is my Aunty, my best friend. That is what she is to me. My mum is tough because she wants you to be matured and disciplined at all times. She is always teaching and talking. I learnt humility and respect for everyone and anyone no matter their status. I also learnt from my mum knowing God to his totality. I love her music and I take lots of inspiration from her music.

What style of music do you sing?

I sing contemporary music, I go for Jazz, R&B but it has to be gospel contemporary music but I don’t make it as indigenous as my mother’s music. Anytime I try to sing indigenous gospel music it sounds off. She composes the Yoruba part of my song because I cannot compose Yoruba in my terms because I will make some Yoruba blunders. I tap from her type of music but when I try to sound exactly like her it changes into something else. This explains why I don’t get involved fully in her music. There was a time last year; I was getting too involved in her music. I started sounding like her and didn’t like it. My mother is going to feature in my music but she is going to be singing in my own way. My mother loves the fact I am doing something new and different from what she is doing.

Do you have a personal band that plays for you or you share the band with your mum?

Yes, I have a personal band; we are called Streams of Sounds Band. My band members are more inclined to my type of music and can relate with it well.