Singer and popular social crusader, Charles Oputa better known as Charly Boy, does not just come out to speak but speaks when he deems fit on a matter which will be of public importance.

The singer recently pondered on the way Nigerians place priority on celebrations which in turn makes them go bankrupt simply because they wanted to impress their guests.

Picking marriage ceremony as an example, Charly Boy, noted that some people go as far as borrowing money from banks to have an elaborate wedding and at the end are not able to pay back the money which is a very bad idea.

He advised that people should learn to do things within their reach and not wanting to show off which has always been the challenge of many families.

“It is normal for people to show off and have elaborate and flamboyant ceremonies, which are one of the factors that differentiate us from animals. I also believe that simple is beautiful, but some occasions call for an elaborate celebration especially when it’s a once in a life time event. What better way to make the moment memorable than to make it elegant.

“However, what I find most worrisome is that some people go as far as borrowing money from the banks, other financial institutions, friends and family members just to celebrate weddings, burials, birthday parties, and the most upsetting part, is that after the show is over, then you still see them long after, struggling to meet up with the basic daily requirements of living? Why can’t they have a business plan in which they can invest that money and get returns or something more profitable,” he said.

He further disclosed how he had refused to sponsor his son’s wedding after he approached him soliciting for support for an elaborate wedding and had to tell him to carry his cross alone because nobody sponsored his own wedding.

“Several months ago, my last son came to me to talk about his impending marriage and of course the wedding planning came up. He was expecting to have a high society wedding at my expense (Hummm see jobbing) but I told the young lad that it is whatever he can save for his wedding that will be the budget for it. Nobody paid for mine so he has to be disciplined enough to raise the money he needs for his.