Femi Adebayo is an actor that followed suit as other actors who are sons of veteran actors in the Nigeria movie profession. In the category are Kunle and Gabriel Afolayan (Adelove), Yul Edochie (Pete Edochie), Sunkanmi Omobolanle (Pappy Luwe), and many others.

In this interview with Osaremen Ehi James of NigeriaFilms.Com, this son of Oga Bello talks about his digression into comedy movie and other issues.

Why did you venture in comedy movie, especially with Jelili

I did Jelili because I wanted to just do something very different from my usual serious roles and give my fans a thing to ease their tension with. I also wanted them to know that I am very versatile, that was the reason I did the comedy movie. To God be the glory, I wowed my fans with it.

How has it affected you

Jelili has really increased my fan base like by 75% more. People are really crazy about Jelili. The usual believe of Femi Adebayo being a tooshed boy fine Boy changed with Jelili, especially with the razzness of the role I played in Jelili.

What is next after Jelili

What out for Ile Alayo, a comedy movie as well.

Why doing another comedy movie

Well, I took time to study my fans and I discovered that people are actually out there feeling frustrated here and there with lots of challenges, and were tired of serious stories. I am doing these to help burn the stress and all that. I have done two now, Jelili and Ile Alayo, which is yet to be out. But I would stop after Ile Alayo to do serious movies.

How has the experience like with you doing what your dad, Adebayo Salami, does

It has been very good. I feel very good doing same work with my dad. I feel like it has never happened before, it is fun to me. We do things together in the profession.

Any plan of you allowing any of your children going into acting profession

Because my father didn’t force me into acting, I am not going to force them into it. But if I see any one of them have interest in acting, I will encourage them, just as my dad did to me.

How is like when you direct your father in a movie, or both of you act in scenes you have to beat him up

My brother, work is different from family. On the field, we are totally different. We drop being family when we are at work. There were scenes that I acted as an armed robber and went to rob my father, and I had to slap him and also had to do it well.

Does he sometimes take it personal

No, not at all, if I don’t do it well, he would get upset and tell me to slap him well, ‘it is your work’ (general laughter).

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