Former Catholic Priest reveals why he left Priesthood after 15 years to get marriedA former Catholic Priest has finally revealed why he left Priesthood after 15 years to get married. According to the former Catholic Priest, the decision came after he rediscovered and found his true self.

The former Ghanaian Reverend Father, Samuel Deku, who said he had to stay true to himself even though it wasn’t an easy decision, added that he realized that God would only bless any individual when he or she stays true to him/herself in every aspect.

The former Catholic Priest who revealed why he left Priesthood after 15 years, stated that though he grew up in a very Catholic home and developed an interest in the priesthood, leaving the priesthood was not an abrupt decision; it was something he took time to think through and was counselled for.

“First of all, I realized that to get any big blessing from God, you must be true to yourself in all aspect. I got in touch with myself and I realized the ecosystem of the Catholic priesthood is not where God really wants me to be,” he said.

“I grew up in a very Catholic environment, everyone was Catholic, even our goats and fowls were Catholic, I love it, I appreciated the church, I still appreciate church, I developed an interest for the priest and priesthood, ” he added.

He concluded his statement by disclosing that he didn’t leave the priesthood because a woman persuaded him to, as some have suggested.

Samuel Deku who got married in December 2018 to a beautiful lady, whom he had known since childhood, is now a multilingual businessman who awed listeners of the Citi Breakfast Show with his eloquence and intelligence.