Always smiling Yoruba actor, Abdullateef Adedimeji, has grown to become a household name in the movie industry but his journey in the industry has not been rosy.

The gentle who is always seen filled with smiles recently disclosed that life has not been easy for him as a young actor as he has cried on several occasions because he could not make ends meet.

He explained that his job comes with lots of frustrations and at a point, he almost planned on leaving the industry so he can go in search of a 9-5 job in the office to do.

According to him, “I have cried a lot out of frustration on this job. There was a day I cried and had to call Ibrahim Chatta informing him that I was leaving the industry. I told him that I would dust my certificate and get a 9-5 job because I was tired and suffering. But Ibrahim advised me against doing such. He told me that I could not leave at that stage because I was making tremendous progress.

“I also called Muyiwa Ademola and he said if a lot of people would leave, I should not be one of them and if I still insisted on leaving, then it meant I was mad because I was at a stage where things could only get better. He advised me to endure the hardship for a little while if I really wanted to make it. He said that I should not think about the money but face the job and reminded me that there were people looking up to me; so I took his advice. With time, it is beginning to pay off and I know it will get better.”