Why I stopped visiting public gym – Actor Williams Uchemba

Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba has made open the reason he stopped visiting public gyms.

The actor put the blame on some ladies who dressed inappropriately to the gym, saying that continuing with a public gym could hinder his heavenly race.

Uchemba, who started as a child actor, said he set up a gym at his home as an alternative to public gym.

The married movie star, however, publicly pleaded with ladies at the gym to “dress decently” to avoid leading men into temptation.

Speaking in a video message shared via his Instagram account, Uchemba said the indecent dressing of ladies at the gym was becoming “appalling” and he could no longer take it.

He said, “Ladies, should all the men stop coming to the gym? Because your indecent dressing is getting out of hand. It’s becoming appalling. I’m tired.

“Please, try and dress decently to the gym. There are men that are determined to make heaven, please don’t distract us. Everytime one comes to the gym, he is forced to see what he didn’t intend to see.

“You ladies have made up your mind to prevent Nigerian men from going to heaven but it won’t work because I’ve left the gym. I’ve set up a gym in my house because I cannot cope. I want to make heaven.”