Daddy Showkey will always inspire artistes who are struggling to become influential. Since he came out from the ghetto to become influential, we have seen a lot of artistes living in the ghettos come out to be superstars. However, one trait that stands the galala dancer out is his dreadlocks that he is not going to cut.

He revealed. “I decided to leave my dreadlocks because of the vow I made with God. I made a vow with God that if he makes me successful, I will not cut my hair. That vow has become a reality and that is why I won’t cut my hair. People expect me to cut it, why should I cut it when I am succeeding?”

He went on to say “ In our time it was about you and your music. You had to promote it yourself. Today we have the internet. In our days, you would go from Lagos to Port-Harcourt to present your CD. Things have changed now. Our people are embracing our music and that is a great thing,” he chimed.