Sensual and curvy Nollywood actress, Angel Christopher is not letting her guard down, despite all the good offers she’s been getting from men who wants to have a feel of her $e-y body.

The Delta State based role interpreter who has starred in over 20 movies shares the embarrassing encounters she had to face because of her endowments.

“Nothing is new. People normally assume so many things about me. Some men just see me and the next thing, they ask me to marry them without even knowing me. Others go as far as telling me outrightly that they would love to have $– with me. Some ask if am a human being or mammy water, while others send different types, colours and sizes of their m-n-o0- to me to prove they are capable and can handle me in bed. At times, I just read and laugh and when am not in the mood to laugh, I block them through their social media handles, case closed. They find my body irresistible,” she gushed.

The script interpreter who doubles as a beautician, rejected the offer of being a second wife, as strongly believes the man of her dreams would soon locate her.
“Nothing is wrong with being a second wife oh, but, I can’t settle for less, neither am I meant to eat left over. The Bible made us to understand that one man one wife (Genesis 2). So, why should I go dragging another woman’s husband when I can get mine? I am a jealous lover and I hate sharing. I want someone who’s God fearing, understanding, tolerating, caring,calm and playful. I don’t mind if he is short, ugly, or poor because when you truly love someone his or her looks won’t mean a thing to you,” she hinted.