Not many actresses have her kind of gifts; a matching combination of beauty and poise, even after giving birth to three children. In Omoni Oboli’s world, the best may yet to come as proved by her success in the movie industry. Omoni, whose roles in The Figurine and Anchor Baby, two of the few good movies produced in the last few years, have continued to bring praises her way, shares the story behind her success and secret of her marriage in this interview with Segun Adebayo. Excerpts:

You recently marked your 12th year marriage anniversary and it went viral on the internet and social media, what’s the idea behind the noise?

Marriage is such a beautiful institution that when you get it right, people will join and celebrate it with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2, 12 or 50 years, there’s always joy when you see two people who devote themselves to enjoying what some may have deemed impossible in this marriage institution. So if it went viral, I can only thank God that it was a positive news that did. I am happy that we have remained together for 12 years. It has been the grcae of God; we are grateful to Him for that.

You have been with him for 12 years, is there something you would still like to change about him?

Mmmh! Let me think! What would I like to change in someone who is so perfect for me? Ask me again at our golden jubilee and let try and take notes from now of what I would like to change me about him. I should be able to answer your question by then.

Would you feel comfortable with him for another 12 years?

I’m comfortable with him, even If we had eternity, I would still be comfortable with him because he is just perfect for me and I have no problem with that. You need to know what it takes when you have somebody who understands you and appreciates you for who and what you are.

We noticed that he’s always with you at social events, is that the chief ingredient of your union?

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Maybe the reason he follows me to events is because we’re so close or because he follows me to events that’s why we’re so close. The truth is we’ve always been close and I don’t remember not wanting him by my side right from the start of our marriage or he wanting me by his side. He’s that friend that makes me feel comfortable to go in and out of events. I appreciate the fact that he’s always by my side and vice versa makes everything about our togetherness perfect.

Should he decide tomorrow he won’t be going with you to events, will that bring any problem?

I think I should also let you know that as against what you might have thought, he hasn’t been to all the events that I’ve attended. The truth of the matter is that, God has joined us together, going or not going to events cannot put for asunder. It wasn’t a pre-requisite to our marrying each other nor was it written inww our vows.

Many people would want to know what you have done to sustain your 12 years marriage, despite being a celebrity?

God blessed me with the right man. Marriage is between two people, with God as the tie that binds us. A threefold chord is not easily broken and so if you put God in the mix, there’s nothing you can’t overcome. When I mean put God in the mix, I mean to let His word be the final say in all you do and in all disputes. It worked for me. Just as I mentioned earlier, the open secret is simply and entirely the grace of God.

Would you say you are lucky to have a man who understands you?

No doubt! I’m truly blessed.

Marriage does not seem to be limiting you at all….

You asked as if it’s supposed to limit me. Your spouse should be there to lift you up, not pull you down; complete you, not compete with you. Marriage, on the other hand, blessed me.

How do you find time to attend to home chores since you are always on the move with your husband?

Trust me, I find time! It’s my family and if I don’t find time, who will? If what you want to know is if my house is not suffering my absence, the answer is my home isn’t suffering.

Coping with three boys, how do you feel?

I feel great! They’re good boys.

What has acting cost you over the years?

Nothing, except the little freedom you get from going to the market to buy what you want at a bargain.?