Once upon a time hit maker and rapper, Eva Alordiah has admitted that she is no longer that media and fans darling that she used to be, and has offered explanations as to why air time on radio and television and even news holes and space on traditional newspapers and online media have been hard to come by.

 Eva Alordiah place the blame squarely on certain non-musical issues that have deprived her from releasing new materials that will return her to the front role of Nigerian music. “I have been busy lately with a lot on my plate.

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But my fans should keep their fingers crossed because I will be coming out with something to blow their minds soon. Right now, I just need to sort some things out personally and get some things off my head.”

With crop of young talents in the Nigerian music lands cape and the frequent rate that they release new songs, does she feel the challenge of bouncing back will be too difficult and as such feel the urge to dumped music?, the beauty answer in the affirmative ““I would be lying if I say I don’t think of quitting music; I actually do that often.

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Sometimes, I just wake up feeling it’s all not worth it but I also push myself forward and continue to evolve.

I will credit my stay in the industry to God because He is the one that gives me the strength to carry on. At times when it seems things are not working right, I just smile and move on because I know God is in control.

 Eva Alordiah also spurred on by the fact that there is still so much I want to achieve and I’m not a quitter. I am surrounded by great people who always encourage and motivate me to be the best version of myself.

The most important thing is that I am happy doing what I truly love and I don’t take that for granted because not everybody gets that chance.”

Refusing to comment on the status of her relationship with OAP, Ceaser, who proposed to her at an event last year, she said curtly, “I would rather not talk about that please. Thank you.© Nigeriafilms.com