Why NFVCB must regulate YouTube movies – Bose Alao

Nollywood actress, Bose Alao, has given reasons why the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) must not fail to regulate the videos and movies uploaded on YouTube.

The producer argued that the agency must control the activities of filmmakers on the video-sharing platform to protect the young people in the society.

Alao said, “The main reason we shoot movies is to pass morals. Every movie is meant to pass through the Censors Board. All my movies passed through that process. However, many people are boycotting the NFVCB, because it is not being regulated, but is paying.

“The government should partner with YouTube so that any movie that does not pass through the Board should be removed.

“It is important to regulate digital platforms to protect young audiences from harmful content.”

Alao further said that people easily get influenced by what they watch so there is a need to curb what filmmakers churn out.

She added, “Many people who indulge in certain vices do not finish watching the movies that portray those acts. They just speak from the view of what they saw and not what happened at the end. Most movies usually show the negative consequences of indulging in those vices.

“I think portraying such vices in movies might be affecting the young ones. But, there are many stories that need to be told but are yet to be told. So, filmmakers can always find new narratives to explore.

“Personally, I prefer writing a story that people can learn from. I’ve got a story I’m meant to shoot, but I have not done that, because I’m not seeing the moral in the movie yet.”