This is the time that we Nigerians should all stand and fight to save our name. Most Nigerians don’t have the opportunity of travelling out easily any longer. Now all Nigerians are labeled as terrorists. Last two weeks, an American killed four policemen at a canteen while having coffee.

This country supported Obama’s election and celebrated his victory and there are over two million Nigerians in the United States. Nigeria has always invited top American stars to perform, moreso that American music has been influencing our youth for the past 60 years. Every year, many Nigerians struggle to travel to America, there are so many other examples of our friendship with Britain and America. Yet, Nigeria is branded as a terror nation, shame to USA, this is a nation that has its own internal crisis and almost every American is frustrated.

America spends billions of dollars to control the inflow of drugs from South America (the Latinos), we should remember that Abacha did not travel outside Nigeria, and our economy was stable as we exchanged N10 for $1. America can’t afford to provoke more enemies. There are millions of Nigerians that do business with America, I have my office in Washington and all my children live in the US. I must advise US to think twice, before labeling us terrorists because of one spoilt child.

The parents and many other rich Nigerians are behind their spoilt children. The father of Farouk was a known banker who has made billions of naira, Nigeria was not good for his kids, now see the big disgrace and problem that he has caused the country. America rigged President Bush’s last election, but they cry every day about Nigeria’s last rigged election. Do as I say but don’t complain if I failed to keep my promise.

Any politician found rigging, and any governor found guilty of looting should be executed. Any member of any house found to have cheated or collected bribe to support government’s bad bills should be jailed for life. Unless we show the world that we mean business by taking serious and quick steps to stamp out all forms of corruption, tribal sentiments, fraud or looting, this nation will continue to have a bad name.

The entire country must stop the uprisings. We should no longer have religious riots, or anything that can breed violence. We must restore peace by making sure we take serious steps to control these two extremists. The world is in turmoil but we must control our extremes. This is a God-blessed nation but because of power game and wrong leaders, we are all in this situation.
Nigerians should emulate Mike Adenuga who saved us from the exploitation of MTN, ZAIN etc. Today, GLO stands out from the other foreign telecoms companies which are exploiting us.
I return to my first accusation; leadership, it does not exist and we are suffering. Read this essay you must realise that I am a worried man who is watching his kids and the nation drowning.

We can all salvage this country by coming together to work for a better tomorrow for our kids. I just don’t know how long it would take us, I can keep on pleading and campaigning for security. Gani Fawehinmi died fighting for freedom and justice, nobody has deemed it fit to continue his type of crusade. All we have now are egoists, name-droppers, and never-do-wells who see nothing good in anybody or anything. I don’t want to join them and lose faith, but we need to get up and expose our ills so that we correct ourselves and don’t expose us to mockery.