Nigerian actor Ramsey Nouah has spoken about Nollywood’s failure to capture the Fulani herdsmen killings in Nigeria.

In a chat with Rubbin Minds on Channels TV, the actor said the movie industry lacked the basic structure.

The actor said in the past, there was depth in movie production but today, movie moguls are more concerned with making money than working on issues happening in the country.

He said, “There is a lot of dynamics going on in the industry tending towards not finding bearing and lack of structure.

“Back in the days, a whole of filmmakers of our kind were passionate about arts and gave it all today it is more like on the surface, people more conscious about their looks rather than acts.

“There was more depth in the past than now, every movie productions now are more about eye candy rather than depth of the performance and outlook.

“Everyone wants to shoot about posh things, cars and not filming issues about herdsmen attack, killings, villagers and political issues happening in the country

“It is not actors fault, it is what the market demand and everyone is thinking about the quick way to wealth so they jump into it.”