The AGN president, spoke while announcing the guild’s collaboration with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for a nationwide sensitisation against drugs.

Rollas said the sensitisation exercise became imperative in the wake of rising concerns over use of drugs in the country.

The AGN president also said drug abuse has become “a pandemic” in the country, adding that it has led to increase in criminal activities.

The sensitisation has become imperative because of the prevalent situation in the country as drug abuse has become a pandemic,” he said.

“People on drugs have committed a lot of havoc by killing, stealing, raping and indulging in many terrible things the President buttressed.”

Rollas said the sensitisation exercise followed a meeting between him and Mohammed Marwa, NDLEA chairman, in Abuja.

The AGN president urged members of the guild to support the NDLEA during the sensitisation exercise.

He added that the guild will not rescue any actor caught with illicit drugs.

“The sensitisation programme shall be carried out on film locations in major state chapters of the Guild across the country,” he added.

“All state chapter chairmen should work with their state NDLEA team for this exercise in their respective state.

Actors should not prove stubborn or strong headed but cooperate with the NDLEA team during the exercise and finally I advice members not to indulge on drugs as the Guild will not come to anybody’s rescue if caught in the act.”