As the movie industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, welcoming new acts who seem to be giving established actors a run for their money and positioning themselves for fat endorsements that usually accompany fame, famous actor, Yul Edochie, has warned that the industry may have become a dumping ground for ill-trained actors.

Edochie appears to be bothered about how the movie industry keeps welcoming half-baked actors and actresses who lack the requisite knowledge of the job and could barely speak good English but have suddenly become famous because they joined the industry.

Sharing his thoughts on what he described as a disturbing situation that should be curbed, Edochie, son of veteran actor, Pete Edochie, in a post shared via his personal Instagram account said he was worried for the future of the movie industry if it continues to parade those who should not have any business with acting in the first place.

He said it is sad that everybody wants to be an actor and actress these days, adding that he sees how people rush into the industry, especially those who know nothing about the craft becoming actors and actresses.

This, according to the actor is worrisome just as he hits out at those who have turned the movie industry to “dumping ground for block heads”, adding that there is no more respect for the profession anymore.

“Everybody wants to be an actor. All the dummies I see around want to be seen as actors and actresses. Nollywood has now turned dumping ground for blockheads. Even people who can’t speak good English have become actors and actresses in (English) movies unlike before.

“This industry has suffered a lot. It has lost its respect; somehow everything dies in this country; why?” he asked.