Music executive, Soso Soberekon, has revealed that poverty makes a man jealous of other people’s happiness.

The White Lion Group boss stated this while condemning poverty.

According to Soberekon, a poor guy will always think a girl dating his rich friend is doing so because of what she can financially benefit.

Further, he added that that same person’s mentality will change if he too comes into money and become wealthy.

Soberekan who posted his view on his Instagram page, while posing with a private jet, said that a guy who is poor will always see a lady with a rich guy as someone who is solely in the relationship for money.

“A struggling guy will see his rich friend with a babe and call her a gold digger. Give that struggling man 10m naira now, you will see him carrying all the women and begging them to help him chop his money. Na lack of money dey cause bad belle.”