A United Kingdom-based business school has revealed reasons behind the low worth and value of Nigerian University issued certificates.

Speaking in Abuja, the Assistant Country Director of the Metropolitan School of Business and Management, MSBM, Mosisiye Kayode noted that some of the reasons for the high value of the certificates issued by foreign institutions include the “use of dynamic and relevant practice-based approaches” and the combination of corporate experience along with the use of “interactive teaching methodology with live case studies.”

Speaking during the Enterprise 101 workshop organised in Abuja for business managers and young professionals she said: “We have affiliations with schools in the UK but anyone participating in our school in Abuja has worked, studied and lived in the UK at a particular time because you cannot give what you do not have. So anyone who is going to teach in our class is someone who has studied, worked and lived in the UK .

“If you have a certificate from the UK, it is more appreciated because they know that we don’t just give you the teaching, we give you the real life scenario.

“Enterprise 101 has always been a vision of ours; we have actually been looking forward to bringing in people and entrepreneurs in Abuja to come around because most of them have things they will want to share with other young people just for young aspiring entrepreneurs to actually gain from.”