Pub, popularly called beer parlour in Nigeria, is a thriving business in the country that attracts patronage from many clients daily. Checks on beer parlours across Nigeria shows that men are the major customers compared to women.

Research has also shown that most men who do white-collar jobs dominate 50 per cent of the beer parlours.

However, some of their opinions are far away from the thinking of what most men go there to do.

Most women probably think it is where their husbands take girlfriends for relaxation and fun.

But in a chat with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), some who usually visit joints after work stated they go there to relax and relieve tension.

Saulam Ola, who usually visits a beer parlour in the Ikorodu area of Lagos, said he visits there to cool off from work stress before going home to face another family stress.

“I prefer to stop over at beer parlour so that my wife and children would have slept before I get home. Whenever I get home on time, my family issues will give me stress. So, I prefer to stay out late in a beer parlour,’’ admitted Mr Ola.

Another businessman, Thomas Ojo, disclosed that he visits beer parlour to probably mingle with the right people to discuss the happenings both at home and abroad.

“I usually go there to mix up with people of different calibre and status in order to know the happenings around me,” said Mr Ojo. “We discuss politics to catch up with the happenings in the country so that we get the update of issues.”

He added, “If I decide to go home straight, there may be no light, or probably my generator might be faulty, and I won’t be able to listen to the news.”

Also, John Taofeek said that drinking beer makes him forget his problems because it provides him happiness.

“I would rather go to beer parlour to drink before going home so that I can forget my problems; beer gives me happiness, especially the ones with alcohol,” added Mr Taofeek. “Ordinarily, if I go home straight, I will be thinking of bad things.”

According to Emma Noel, a businessman, going to beer parlour is because of his love for beer and nothing else.

I don’t have issues at home, but the truth is that I must branch at a beer parlour to drink and have fun,’’ Mr Noel explained.

Aliu Jimoh, an artisan, said he prefers to stop over at beer parlour before going home because he does not have a peaceful home.

“I stop at beer parlours to avoid troubles at home. My wife is the nagging type who picks a quarrel with me at any given time,” Mr Jimoh pointed out. “I do not always want to go home early so that there won’t be issues; I always drink beer to stupor in order not to listen to her nagging.”

Moses Matthew said he stops at beer parlours to drink before going home to avoid paying more bills at home

When I get home early, my children will bring unnecessary bills on my table. Even my wife will be telling me of the ‘aso ebi she wants to buy,” Mr Matthew revealed. “I go to beer parlour to drink in order to get home late, and by the time they wake (up) in the morning, I would have gone out.”