John Dumelo is gradually warming to the post of a president of Ghana. Having made his dream known many times, supporting President John Dramani Mahama and his good nature, he has been rewarded with the post of Operations Director for Agenda For Mahama, a pro-NDC youth group.


Dumelo is excited and ready  to work with other officers of the group in making sure the aim of Agenda For Mahama is sustained. Five months ago Dumelo stirred up controversies on social media after his tweet that Ghanaian presidential candidate Nana Akufo Addo will never win the 2016 elections.

He was condemned for endorsing incumbent president John Dramani Mahama after criticizing his government of incompetence. John was accused of being a snitch and lacks credibility. “I keep on receiving threatening messages from anonymous persons. They are threatening my life…so many things for making a statement. But I give everything to God. They are issuing the threats on social media, anonymous phone calls and things. ” 

Today, he has moved past this level and enjoying his support for the president.