Only if a certain Lagos-based teacher simply known as Onyinyechi had had an inkling of what would befall her once peaceful family on Valentine’s Day, she would have resorted to curtail her anger.

It was reported that the woman, who lived on Adefowope Street, off Beach Road, Etegbin, in the Otto Awori Local Council Development Area of Lagos, pushed her husband from the balcony of a one-storey building on a day she was supposed to be celebracting love with her man.

The ugly drama, which happened in the community, has left neighbours and residents at loss over what might have actually transpired on that would have made Onyinyechi push her husband, George, from the storey building, leading to his untimely death.

While some residents claimed that Onyinyechi, who was a teacher in a private school in the area, was angry that her husband did not give her a Valentine’s treat, when most lovers made out time to celebrate each other, other residents said the couple was quarrelling over a monetary issue before the sad incident.

A source was quoted in the report to have said that, “George returned home in the evening of Valentine’s Day, a time the wife felt it was already too late to go for an outing. She got angry and it resulted in a fight.”

Another source was quoted in reports to have given another another that, “A family friend had given George money to give to his wife as gift for their newborn baby. George did not only keep the money to himself, he also did not tell his wife about it.

“Onyinyechi later met the man, who asked her if she got the gift he sent through her husband. She was not only surprised, but furious that George could keep such a thing from her. It was in the process of asking him about it on the evening of Valentine’s Day that the fight started.”

An eyewitness, who claimed to be a neighbour gave out a vivid account of how it all happened around 4pm on Valentine’s Day.

She said, “On Saturday, at about 4pm, my daughter rushed inside my apartment where I was sleeping to wake me up that Iyawo (Onyinyechi) and her husband were fighting upstairs.

“As she was still explaining to me, I heard a sound of something falling. I rushed out only to discover that it was my neighbour, George. I started screaming for help and other neighbours rushed in to assist me. We got a tricycle and rushed him to a hospital.

“The wife, however, remained upstairs in her apartment. She didn’t bother to come down to assist us, despite the fact that her seven-month-old daughter was downstairs playing with my children. George was certified dead at the hospital and we couldn’t take him to the mortuary without his family’s consent, so, we brought him back home and called his family members.”

The ‘Good Samaritan’ neighbours however also revealed that the doctor discovered a cut on his head and the injury could be as a result of an object that must have been used to hit him on the head.

Consequently, the doctor confirmed that George must have been dead before he was pushed down from the balcony.

The crime suspect had since fled Lagos to her home town in Nnewi, Anambra State with her daughter.
The matter is still under investigation by the police.