“Hello Nigeria,my name is Davene Henry I turned 20 on August 17. I live in Jamaica home of Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Marcus Garvey just to name a few. I’m currently a student studying surgical technology.

One day I met a Nigerian man who currently lives in Trinidad who told me I reminded him of Ms. Ini Edo, I decided to google her and I didn’t see the resemblance cuz I never thought I was that beautiful especially since I’m fat but after a while I googled again low and behold I realized I do look like her.

My wish is for Ms. Edo to see my picture or for us to meet I love Ms. Edo its funny because my dream was to become an actress but I currently just stick to writing short screenplays I really want Ms. Ini to see the pictures that’s why I am sending this to www.Nigeriafilms.com not to cause problems but just to let her know that I exist thank you.”

This was sent to www.Nigeriafilms.com by a great fan of the sultry actress,Ini Edo who resides in Jamaica. We hope Ini Edo will give her the much attention it requires.