They are meant to be sisters-in-law, who are married to brothers of same parents. Initially, not many gave a thought to the cold relationship between Amara Kanu and Laura Ikeji-Kanu.

There was never a day Amara clicked any ‘Like’, wrote a comment or posted anything concerning Laura on Instagram.

No big deal you would say since social media ‘friendship’ can’t be considered as relationship building platform.

Married to ex footballer, Kanu Nwankwo, Amara did not deem it fit to congratulate Laura when the latter had a baby boy for her brother-in-law, Ogbonna Kanu, rather, the mother of three kept posting photos of the wellness book she wrote and wanted to launch then.

Fans and followers didn’t say anything because everyone assumed that the show of love over social media cannot be termed as real love.

After maternity leave, Laura, who has become popular on Instagram because of her ‘dancing’ spirit, announced she has written a book on how to make money on Instagram.

Congratulations poured in. But none came from Amara.

Meanwhile, Amara, who kept off social media throughout the years she was schooling and having her babies, seems to be on a mission to make everyone on Instagram her friend, especially the celebrities.

The day Yomi Makun, who is AY comedian’s brother, announced that his wife was delivered of a baby, Amara was one of the early callers on his page. She congratulated him and left a comment. The same happened when Omotola Jalade posted her 40th birthday invite, Amara went all the way to congratulate her.

Currently on Instagram, you see Amara ‘hopping’from one page to the other, leaving her signature on pages and also garnering as many friends as she can.