There is trouble in paradise! Wizkid is missing as Drake gets ready  to shoot the visuals of his ‘One Dance.’ Drake is in Soweto, South Africa for the shooting of the video. Filipino singer Kyla, who also features on the track is already in South Africa and tongues are wriggling that Wizkid is missing.

Drake had visited the   Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory in Johannesburg. He gave a speech to students who came to meet him at the center. Nigerians are not happy that Drake is sidelining Wizkid who was there with him during the studio work of the song.

Hear them lament “Wizkid , come here o, they are talking your matter o. People should chill nao, does it mean all the scenes have been shot in South Africa alone? Drake will definitely lose me as a fan if this is true. Why won’t you put our Naija brother in your video? “

An angry fan said “Hell no if Wizzy helped in writing the song he should be in it not fair for it to be a one man show depends on what they agreed on together just my opinion…This will be war if Drake doesn’t include Wizzy in One Dance video o! How far na?”