Many celebrities in the entertainment industry are beginning to wise up by learning from their many of them who flaunts their relationship on social media end up losing it at the end of the day.

In most cases, some of these celebrities tend to claim the ‘single status’, in other to divert the media or general public from digging into their relationship.

Popular singer, MR Eazi whose remark about Nigerian sound emanating from Ghana sound caused outraged weeks ago, has declared he is single and searching.

In his words: “I am single, actively and vigorously searching. Thank you.”

This got Nigerian a-list singer, Wizkid laughing hard as he couldn’t control himself from leaving a reply beneath his post.

With an emoji that depicts laughing with tears, Wizkid added saying: “Werey”, meaning “Mad Man”.

Obviously this could mean, MR Eazi was simply fooling around with his relationship status.