Luck, however, has smiled on a group of Nigerian kid dancers, Dream Catchers. The dancers were recently recognised by American Music Star, Rihanna. She went further to share their video on her Instagram page.

Still drooling on the major turn around of the dance group, the group founder Seyi Oluyole shares their experience before their international recognition.

In her words

“Many times, if you go through our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages, you would see that we have tried to reach out to top celebrities. We would mention their names in our videos and did all sorts to get their attention.

I always thought the biggest thing that would happen to the kids was when Wizkid or Davido would recognise and support them. However, it took an international artiste for us to get a huge recognition. When God wants to do something, He does it in a way you can’t fathom.”

“I cried when I saw Rihanna’s post. I even accidentally broke my phone (mobile) because I couldn’t control myself and it fell. It has not been easy for us, but I usually assured the girls that they would be great if they work hard.

Sometimes, I get afraid that things I tell them might never come to pass. There were days I felt like walking away from the children. Because I was their only hope. And I became afraid that I could disappoint them.”

According to her, convincing their parents to leave the kids in her care was a gradual process. However, most of the kids were living on the streets and left alone to fend for themselves.Also, some of their parents were indifferent.

Also a dancer and a script writer, the 26-year-old lady said,

“Some of the children were not in school when they joined the group, but I encouraged them to go back to school and they agreed. They live with me now. It was hunger that made one of them to join us.

The boy’s mother became fed up as he was always getting into one trouble or the other. He was 10 years old when I picked him up but, 14 years old now. The kid joined us after hearing that I gave them food on a particular day. He came to me and wanted to know if I would give him food if he stayed. That was how he became part of us. The oldest of them is 15 years old while the youngest is six years