In the past three month, Idris Okuneye a.k.a Bobrisky has become one of the most talked about Nigerian on Snapchat.
The 23 years old cross -dresser and skin lightening aficionado, Bobrisky rose to prominence as a result of his male barbie traits and weird mode of dressing. Bobrisky became popular as a result of his hilarious stories on Snapchat.

In a recent interview, he opens up on how he became famous on Snapchat.

According to him:”Social media is a very good platform whereby it makes you popular. I wasn’t thinking of being the famous Bobrisky and this famous bae. I posted a short video of me dancing on Snapchat and I got to see many people tagging others and saying ‘OMG you need to go and check Bobrisky’s Snapchat. He is fabulous, the way he dances, his makeup, his outfit and before I knew it, people were sending me messages and request and i felt it was a very good thing since i was getting popular. So, I moved to Instagram and I was seeing so many likes like OMG, this guy is so awesome. So to me I believe that Social media is a very good platform where you can actually put up what you, for people to get awareness, for people to know you, so I like it.”

Bobrisky who has been criticized severely on social media, said he loves to listen to Wizkid and he has a crush on him.

Hear him:” After the snap chatting, the whole posting, if I get home after the whole stress, I love listening to Wizkid. Like that guy is my crush, I love his voice, I listen to his music. When I listen to his music, I just sleep off” he concludes.