Wizkid has been slammed again by his second baby mama, Binta Diallo, who regularly calls him a deadbeat dad. Recall that a few weeks ago, she shared documents of the agreement her lawyer entered with Wizkid’s lawyers.

According to her, she was begged not to sue the singer for neglecting to take responsibility for their child’s upkeep.

Well, Binta Diallo is out slamming again. This time around, she has accused Wizkid of showing fake love to her son on Instagram.

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According to her, the singer is always liking pictures of the boy which gets shared on Instagram, on an account not owned by the kid, but never follows the kid’s genuine account nor likes any of the pictures there.

Binta Diallo wrote:

“Stop posting my son here @thebalogunboys my child is not part of your Balogun family just stop with the fake love shit.

N—a needs serious help for real, I can’t deal. this deadbeat can follow this page and show fake love to my son here but never bothered to follow my son’s account or be a father to him. Post the kids you love, claimed and your family. P.S I know who runs this account.”