Sophie Alakija who recently sends out an announcement telling people to stop tagging her as Wizkid’s ex-girlfriend. According to her, she is tired of the tag especially when she’s moved on with her life and now married.

It is no secret why Sophie Alakija decided to make that announcement. Since her break up with Wizkid, every single news she makes is never complete without the singer brought into the picture. When she and her husband welcomed their child, bloggers broke the news and their headlines included the fact that she is Wizkid’s ex.

When she survived a car accident, the fact that she is Wizkid’s ex was also brought into the picture. At a point, it seemed like she couldn’t take a piss without Wizkid’s getting mentioned.

If Sophie Alakija, who is now married to Wale Alakija, could be facing this level of heat, imagine what the three baby mamas of Wizkid are putting up with. Imagine what they will out up with for the rest of their lives if the singer doesn’t get married to them.

An example of what they will put up with is exactly what Sumbo Adeoye is facing for having children for 2face Idibia. When she welcomed her baby with her husband pastor David Adeoye, a news site still brought the fact that she is 2face’s baby mamas into the picture.

While we can’t advice against dating, opting to be the baby mama of a celebrity should not be something young ladies should admire because it leads to a sad journey, a journey where your husband’s name won’t be recognized when you make an achievement.


Sophie Alakija