WizKid’s second son, King Ayo, who just turned one, is badly injured and his sorrowful mother, Binta, is asking for the prayers of the people.


The musician’s second baby mama made us know that her son accidentally got injured. She said ‘The hardest part of being a parent is that you can not stop the world from hurting your child, you can only be there to ease the pain’

She narrated that her son got injured few days ago. She said that it is horrifying and soul breaking to watch her son go through so much pain. She also asked for prayers from the people.

She actually is getting prayers from some people while some spoke spitefully to her and WizKid.

One of the critics said ‘He is in this condition is this condition because his useless and irresponsible father is no where to guide him’.

Another said, ‘ the impulse everybody feels to just bring everything to social media is crazy…some things should just remain private. Talk to God and leave it at that’

While another slammed Binta for getting pregnant out of wedlock and is asking for prayers.