A woman, who claims to be repented wrote on how she slept with her boyfriend in Lekki, few hours to his wedding.

As reposted by Joys Oyedepo, She wrote,

“LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT GRACE….When i say i can’t do life without Christ i mean i’m too thankful to take His unending love for granted.

Ah! It just occurred to me that God has a purpose for keeping me.This picture was taken in some hotel room in Lekki! Hmm ! I came to Lagos from school to see my boyfriend that was getting married! Scratch that* this was the wedding morning! Meaning i spent the night with him before he said “i do”,…i saw him before he left for church!Ahhh!! I still got back to school safe! Meaning God’s Mercy kept me!

I travelled ibadan express road almost every weekend coming to Lagos to do every thing heaven didn’t approve but God’s mercy kept me!Jesus overlooked my flaws! My terrible lifestyle & i can’t believe He still saw something beautiful in me! It’s not being an easy journey!! but Grace found me! Grace kept me! Grace saved me! 

There’s heaven & there’s hell but there’s also God’s unending love. His mercy…the reason a lot of us are still standing strong.Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!Jesus saves! In His arm i have found rest & i’m never letting goTell me! What can be more amazing than God’s Grace?

I’m still a work in progress but i trust that the finished product will be more beautiful!I know some of y’all think somethings are better left unsaid but this is to encourage someone, anyone…Only God can turn mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victor. 

My name is Oyewunmi Ajakaiye & my life is a testimony! Stop fighting it! Allow Jesus make something beautiful out of your life!Friends will mock you! some will doubt you but what matters is that heaven approves you! GIVE YOUR ALL TO CHRIST!#Testimony #DivineDiva #Unashamed #Unfiltered #MyTruth #GetSaved #TryJesus