Women and money are an inseparable pair. But really why should they be separable? But for hypocrisy, why is it that those women who are indifferent to money; the goody-goody, two-shoes-women are not the catchy ones that the men are always running after and trying so desperately to impress?

Listening to the male folk analyse women and women’s needs for self maintenance, be it their partners, sisters, friends or mothers, one is likely to hear lines like, ‘these women can be so materialistic, ‘you will roll your bank account out to a woman and she will still have a justified reason to ask for more or point out that you have not done enough’; ‘women and their cunning ways, you will give them your life without realizing it’; ‘women like money too much’; or ‘women no dey joke with money o’.

Is there any such thing as loving money too much or better still, women loving money too much? If there is, why is it that when guys are hunting for dates, they never look in the direction of the tattered, unkempt and haggard-looking ones? Why is it that they go for the well-dressed, with well-manicured nails, beautiful hairdo, and sleek physique, articulate, well-spoken ones who are good show pieces?

Listening to them make such remarks causes one to wonder what they mean by such, or if it was not applicable to them as well? Who doesn’t want a woman who knows how to look good and make her surroundings beautiful? Or is there somewhere from which such good looking women can get their accessories for free?

Surprisingly, some of the men who run these commentaries are married, who ironically also commend the efforts of their wives and love to show them off. Some of these attributes they give include their wives’ dress sense and general outlook; style of entertainment, choices of household items, tasty dishes and home maintenance, amongst a couple of others. Do these things come as mannas from heaven or are cash motivated acquisitions?

Consider each of these points beginning with dress sense and general outlook: we all know what it costs to buy dresses now and pay for them to be sewn if you want something good. They do not come cheap; not even when you try to be modest by going for second-hand clothing or patronise cheaper tailors at the expense of your satisfaction.

Even if you get a good deal on clothing and other household items, wouldn’t you need to have a change as often as possible and isn’t it money you’ll need to make these changes which these men appreciate? Isn’t it the frequent change that gives them an idea of your dress sense and general outlook, which they admire? Looking good is not only good business, but also a lot of money business. If you want a beautiful lady by your side, you should be willing to pay the price to get her, and most of all, to maintain and improve upon the standard you met.

With regards to entertainment skills and admiration for a woman’s choice of household items, many times, wives entertain their husbands’ guests more than theirs. Are they expected to do so in stainless steel wares or clay pots? One should see the faces of the men when their eyes behold well-laid dinner tables (thanks to their wives’ efforts and thoughtfulness or those of the caterer she hired), they practically glitter and sparkle. One would hear them proudly say things like, ‘My wife made this herself’ or ‘My wife directed and told them to do it exactly as she wanted it’. Apparently, she doesn’t joke with money and her materialism is paying off to his glory.

Women and money are two things that go hand-in-hand just as men and women go hand-in-hand. And men who treat women as handy playthings deserve women who treat them as generous bank accounts. Whether we agree or not, the world revolves around money and what it can get you. Women happen to be one of the major things guys want to have or acquire. You just have to be willing to bear the crunch.

In evolutionary terms, some controversial psychologists say men seek out sexually-desirable females whose youthful features indicate good health and the ability to bear children, while women look for mates with abundant enough resources to provide for their children. So, does this mean that women are genetically programmed to seek out only high-status men with lots of money and resources, and to disdain more average guys with lesser earning power? Does that mean all women really go for is the wallet? Not really, yet, there is no crime in going after a fat wallet for those who choose to dare the consequences as well. After all, we all need to be comfortable and it is the responsibility of the man in a woman’s life to live up to it. It is probably the women’s way of getting even with the expectations heaped on them.

In recent times, it has been proven that it is not just women who love money too much; men love it just as much and go after it with all their might. If you contest this, you may want to ask why many young capable men would rather go for sugar mummies who are very successful and have the financial ability to care for their needs so much so that they don’t have a care in the world.

If a bank never complains that the money in it is too heavy for it to carry, why should a woman complain or grumble over having too much money and despise having more of it?