Nadia Buari, Ghanaian actress, also popular for her roles in Nollywood movies has opined that men should stop looking for perfect women as no such being exists.

In her opinion, what can be found are good women because as human beings, we all have certain limitations.

Buari who took to her Instagram page to make the submission noted that just as a woman may not have everything a man desires, so a man may not have everything a woman desires and that is exactly what makes us human beings.

She said the obvious human flaws should not stop men from considering such women as wife materials as what some lack in physical beauty, they account for in attitude and behaviour.

She said, “Just remember, Good women still exist but our tummies ain’t flat and we like to talk back”.

“You might find your desire women with all the beauty and curvy forms but her attitude will be very toxic and you can find the good character ones but they talk back and not having the beauty.”