Following Imo state Worker Outcry over non-payment of arrears owed them by the government, Owerri Anglican Bishop, Cyril C. Okorocha rejected Governor Rochas Okorocha donation of N200, 000 to the church at the diocesan synod of the Anglican Communion at St John’s Anglican Church.

The cleric faulted the governor for imposing sufferings on the people of Imo State through non-payment of their salaries and his “inhuman policies”.

Governor Okorocha was said to had issued a donation of N200,000 Naira in support of the church’s development but was rejected by Bishop Cyril on the ground of state indebtedness.

Governor Okorocha, who was represented at the Synod by one Obinna Aharanwa was said to be enraged and embarrassed after the rejection of the cash.

According to the Bishop, “Please take your money and return it to the government. If l take this money, lmo people will say that l have collected their pension money and worker’s salary. Go and pay pensioners and workers. I won’t touch this money. We want Governor Rochas Okorocha to publish his stewardship and show us what he is doing with lmo money.”